Resume Writing

I just finished editing my resume. I have never written a resume quite like this one before, it’s more a collection of 1 paragraph stories on what each job meant to me. This is probably because I’m currently reading my way through Tom Peters 100 Ways to Be Successful  (which is fantastic). Tom is convinced that the future belongs to the story-tellers, and since I like a good story more than a good calc formula, I agree. Anyway, the resume is for a job that I don’t particularly need, but am intrigued by. I figure, why not tell the truth, speak about what you learned intrinsically at all these job stops. There’s a solid chance that he will think I’m a nut and throw my resume into his pile of candidates that didn’t pan out. But I have the advantage of already being employed and content at my current post, which is what allows me to be honest about what I write.  My thinking though is that I should write the rest of my resumes like this until I die. Tell your story, your experience, and see what shakes out. Now you don’t have to write a novel to your potential boss, but deviate from the status quo a bit, it’s fun. Do so especially if it feels good to do so. Chances are, that the guy who eventually hires you and your honest, experimental resume will be a quality boss to work for, and that the job won’t be too bad either. If you’re interested, check out my resume below. Ragland Resume 


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