For Seth

This post is for Seth Godin, he asked me to post something today in honor of his 3000 blog post. Find it at, post “Luckiest Guy”

The inspiration today is the great challenge. I coach a girls lacrosse team in Jacksonville, FL, and we’re heading down to Orlando to play in a tournament today. They’re a young group with unlimited potential (on a side note, don’t you wish that everyone felt that way?) but are still learning how to play with each other and be consistent. It’s very possible we blow a team out and get blown out, blow both out, lose both games, anything can happen. But the joy is in the challenge! What joy can we take away by beating teams below us? Win or lose, these games will demand our best. The win is found in great preparation and the absolute best effort given.

I wonder how often that transfers away from the field of competition and in to our daily lives ad workplaces. Do we fine the challeneges, what stretches and pushes us to give our best and prepare tirelessly? I admit that is still something I still struggle with! What a world we could have if we all found our passion, in what can do or are doing, and really go after it! It can be at home, at work, in sports, anywhere!

Thanks Seth, keep blogging, I’ll do the same

Matt Ragland


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