How is this possible?

Yesterday I ordered a new external hard drive from, got a good deal and am very happy so far. This is what’s making me wonder though, the ups tracking order. 

I ordered yesterday afternoon, and judging from the tracking, the package went from Baldwin Park, CA to Ontario, CA (USA), to Los Angeles, CA, and all the way over to Orlando, FL, in a span of 18 hours. Amazing. If I was able, I could drive to Orlando, pick it up, and drive home to Jax in 5 hours, and voila… overnight shipping. 

The expected arrival date is on Monday, April 27. Now I realize that I don’t have the only order, that UPS has all their scans, and it’s probably on a truck on the way up (even though UPS has a large hub here in Jax, go figure). But it is equally amazing to me that a package can travel 3000 miles in 18 hours, and then take 3 days to travel the final 200 miles. Funny how that works. 

I chose the 3 day select shipping, and by business days, yes, Monday is the 3rd full day after I ordered. It makes me wonder if shipping companies hold a package until it is supposed to be delivered, rather than when it could be delivered. Why don’t they offer 3 day max shipping, as in “The most days it will take to deliver your package is 3 days. If we can get it there in 2, we will. If we can get it there tomorrow, we will.” 

I would go with that company


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