Once in a Lifetime

You hear the saying a lot…

I’ll take this trip is once in a lifetime

It was a once in a lifetime experience

That’s a once in a lifetime play

We normally attach that saying to grand experiences, things we think we don’t get to do every day. There’s a lot of truth to that, most of us don’t travel to other countries regularly, go sky-diving each year, and so on. But, there are once in a lifetime experiences every day. Each day, you will have new experiences, meet new people, have opportunities to love and help people you come in contact with. There will be different views of God’s creation, weather, and on and on. My good friend (and uncle) Dan Davis is famous for saying at Camp Rockont “This day has never happened before, and it will never happen again!” So true, and we all tend to take it for granted. I encourage you to consider that each day is a gift, and interact with others by giving that gift to them!


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