Anything is Possible

When did we lose our collective sense of the possible? Really, anything can happen at any time. I didn’t think September 11, 2001 was different from any other day, walking to class as a Senior in High School. Or the day in 10th grade when I was introduced to my future wife (4 years in May). How about the day I was suddenly the Head Coach of a girl’s lacrosse team, after 2 weeks of coaching experience?

Anything is possible. It’s a statement that can carry a lot of fear, but also a lot of power. When anything is possible, you can do things, initiate projects, make stuff matter. As you consider giving that homeless person a few minutes of your time, and some food, or someone you don’t know a ride, you could also miss a car wreck in the amount of time it takes you to pull over. I’m not trying to make you think about checks and balances and filling up your ledger with good deeds, but feeling a security in the fact that anything can happen.

In your work, community, church, family, the people who are making a difference are the ones who are ok with doing things and being present with others. It doesn’t always work out, no one is perfect. But wouldn’t you rather be working/playing/living with someone who is willing to do something, anything, to make a positive difference. I think we are more comfortable with them failing in the act of doing than those who never try to make a difference at all.


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