Starting to Finish

Starters or Closers? Both are valued in the present culture, but closers get more love, recognition, and money (except in Baseball). While reading Poke the Box, I began to think about ideas and dreams I have had, and not brought to fruition, never shipped. I thought about salesmen who are renowned for being good closers, and how they are rewarded for the big client. The more I thought about closers, I decided that every single great closer was at some time a starter, and the ones who continue in greatness also continue to be great starters. Because each sale/relationship/agreement/contract starts with a phone call, a greeting, a commitment to making this next deal the big one. Is any great starter a success every time? Far from it, in fact you will likely find many failures behind them. But the failures are behind them because they woke up the next day and started again. A lot of them had failures very near the close, when they had initiated, worked hard, and still failed. But the next day (hour, minute, second) they started again.

We have to start in order to finish


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