Just Do Something

I said last week that I was going to “ship” an e-book on May 1st, and here is a piece that I wrote back last Spring that has been languishing in my notebook. As we all know, ideas that aren’t shared die. So here is a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on, I hope it inspires you to act.

Just Do Something

We are the anonymous critic

Watching the doers from afar

Seeing the end result

And judging it subpar

I can paint that

Write a song of great beauty

Hit a receiver in the flat

When all along

Sounding quite snooty

The secret we miss

Is that it is all in the doing

Of having a goal

That’s worth pursuing

You think it’s the first show the band has played?

Don’t forget the smoky bars

And rickety stage

The thousands of passes the QB will throw

And millions of brushstrokes

to make a big show

While we all sit

Comfortable in our ways

I’m up here afraid

But doing just the same

Forward and backward

Not afraid to start

Join me now in the doing, loving, and living

At hand



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