Saturday – A short film

I posted a couple days ago about the fantastic Saturday I was blessed with. Relaxing morning, adventurous afternoon-evening. Throughout the day I was testing out the HD capabilities of the iPhone 4S, my new phone. I was inspired to play around with it in an outdoor setting by the beautiful music video shot by the insanely talented people at the Camp 4 Collective, also filmed with an iPhone 4S.

So it was me and the “camera”, no tripods. I set it on the table, bookshelf, car door (inside), a rock, a tree branch, and pack chest strap. It was fun to not just look for opportunities for shots, but also where I could position the camera in naturally-occurring¬†settings to capture them.

Mostly, it’s a bit of an ode to this beautiful piece of the world in Western North Carolina, where places abound to get outside and have fun. The film is in HD, and at the Vimeo page you can download, view locations, and music credits.

Thanks for watching, I would love to hear your thoughts!


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