Film: Lespwa pou Haiti (Hope for Haiti)

I already posted a couple times on my thoughts post-Haiti (read here and here), and they will continue to come. The past couple of days though I have been working on a little film that puts together many of the pictures and some videos from the trip. Enjoy, be challenged, sickened, or ashamed. Whatever strikes your heart, there’s plenty of emotion to go around


4 thoughts on “Film: Lespwa pou Haiti (Hope for Haiti)

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  2. Just been catching up on your blog posts and just ended on this one and watching the video from Haiti. So much for me to remember and enjoy as I look at this beautiful place with the Haitian people, especially the kids. Found myself looking for a special lady I met during the church service, Michlash. My main emotion was that of gratefulness for our great Savior and the work He is doing in our lives. Watching you and Morgan be able to take this trip, just grateful for your wanting to go and for what God is doing in you as a result. Your music was great as well and I was blessed to hear the rich words of Come Thou Fount. Keep writing, keep being authentic, keep knowing your daily need for your Savior. As John Newton said, “I am a great sinner and He is a great Savior!” How about an over the phone coffee chat sometime? I have thoughts from your other posts as well. Certainly can relate to your conversations with homeless and hurting people. I need to add you to my Grace Ministry list so you can hear what God is doing here on Philips Highway. Love you. PS – I am on the 3rd Hunger Games book and am really enjoying them.

    • This is sad that my Mom is catching up with me via blog comments… call you tomorrow and thanks for the kind words and feedback!

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