New Years Eve Hike, Screwtape Letters, & Siri gets Moralistic

Yesterday I got the urge to hoof it up our mountain to it’s highest point, roughly 4000 feet. I wanted to see the last sunset of 2011, it was a beautiful, clear day, and I knew the Lord would make it worthwhile. As I was lacing up the shoes, I had a brief but intense inner struggle of even going. It was getting cold, it would be dark, and the hike down is treacherous in bad (or no) light. What’s the big deal about this one day anyway? a voice whispered. I ended up pushing it away and embarking, as I went to the trailhead I thought of The Screwtape Letters, and a particular one where the Senior Devil, Screwtape, encourages his nephew, Wormwood, to keep his human from experiences and situations where may attain any type of natural pleasure, or something he enjoys just for the beauty of it. Because those are times humans may glimpse a bit of God’s wonder and beauty.

As I was hiking up, I started running on a flat section, and quickly hit stray branch, making an elongated and awkward fall to the ground. Now, I don’t fall very much, but when I do, it’s spectacular. I had my iPhone in my backpack (for emergency and photo purposes), and fell with such force that somehow Siri activated. I faintly heard the two-tone beep as I was yelling, “SHIIIIIIIITTTTT!” and writhing on the ground. Siri then politely said…

and I, frustrated and confused, yelled back, “I said SHIT!” (apologies to any family that reads this and hasn’t yet realized I curse from time to time, especially while in pain and surprise). To which Siri replies…


Anyway, I made it up to the top, was able to write and reflect as the sun was setting, and snap this picture before I headed back down.

It was beautiful, and yes a small glimpse of God’s handiwork. How much more amazing is he when fully experienced? I’m finding out day by day.

Happy New Year!


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