Why I’ve been Away

It’s been a week since my last post, shame on me! One of the personal tasks I wanted to take on this year was to post here 3 times a week. I enjoy it, it’s fun, and it’s good for me to write about what I’m learning about and what’s going on in my life. The flurry of posting during those 9 days was because I was able to take some time off of work and get down to it, which was great. This past week I have been back at work, and we had friends over a few nights, which is when I normally post. What has been cool is that it’s been a very interesting and challenging week, God is working through me in a few different ways, and it’s exciting to feel his Spirit. I’ve been generating ideas for posts and saving as drafts (that’s my go-to method) based on what’s been happening.

A preview of what’s coming up:

  • Doing with Less
  • Giveaways! (related to above post)
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Light & Dark: What we Create & the Hope God Offers
  • A statistical analysis of the Republican nominees after Iowa (just kidding)

Talk to you soon,



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