There is Enough

Plenty for me, 27 t-shirts, 8 pairs of casual shorts, 6 pairs of athletic shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, 4 pairs of dress pants, 5 jackets (rain, cold, snow), 22 dress shirts, 6 pairs of shoes.

Plenty of underwear and socks. Food in the pantry, and in the fridge. Car in the drive, books on the shelf.

Running water, money in the bank.

This is the abridged version.

A man on the corner, everything in backpack.

A woman and child, their belongings in a grocery cart.

A child with no shoes.

“Food insecurity” is the new term for “no dinner tonight”.

A windbreaker in the snow storm

while a warm coat sits in my closet.

You see it’s my backup coat.

There is enough, and it is in my house

Gathering dust.

While people are down the road

Gathering hope.


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