Committing to Value in Your Writing

I got an email yesterday from a friend that follows this blog. He was kind, saying he was enjoying my writing, and that I was writing too fast to keep up! I thought about that, because I had not considered the possibility that I was writing too much. I saw that he had included the email feed that is delivered whenever I “Publish”, and it gave me a new appreciation for the trust people have put in me to write about content that enriches and provides value in their own lives.

Since I have been writing more, part of me has wanted to post a lot, and put more content out in order to get my name and writing “out there”. But when I think about the 14 people who currently receive an email containing my posts, I take a step back. Am I providing them with something worth reading? On one hand, I can’t get caught up with trying to write to their wishes, I have to write what is speaking to me and the things I’m passionate about. On the other hand, I can’t get post-happy and decide that I’m going to post random, meaningless drivel that doesn’t add value to my life or theirs. I found this article on ProBlogger very helpful as well (How to Write Great Blog Content).

To me, this writing is not a status update, tweet, or text. It cannot be “I had some great BBQ today!” It is something of value and importance to me, and while I plan on posting regularly, I also intend for each post to be something that challenges the readers and add value to their lives.

I hope you will do the same in your contributions to the community. Have a great day!


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