Handwritten Posts: Starting a Journal

I received a new moleskin journal for Christmas, courtesy of my brother and sister (wonderful people). I did have to finish up my last one, but was still putting of beginning this one. The art of beginning is a difficult one, and this is what I wanted to share with you. Enjoy!


(As an aside, I published this post at 10:25 pm EST. I have normally been publishing before 9:00 am. Any thoughts on which is better? It will be interesting to see if the stats change in any way. Please leave any thoughts/ideas in the comment box, thanks!)


4 thoughts on “Handwritten Posts: Starting a Journal

  1. I love journalling, I’m due for a new one in about 10 pages.
    I left the first 4 pages blank when I first started, I suppose to give the illusion at first glance that there was nothing to read, so that the potential intruder would give up and toss it aside!
    I think I may leave a note instructing the person who finds it when I depart to burn it and never to read it, with a warning that if they disobey, I have instructed the journal to mysteriously burn their eyes out from their sockets!!! Lol! Just a thought!
    Have a good day 🙂

  2. (To answer your aside, I read this on my phone last night when it came to my email. Its a hassel to comment using a phone, so I waited til the morning. Still ended up doing it on a phone as I waited for you to get ready for Ditter. Was also a hassel to sign in on a phone, so I am posting as a guest.) Fun post!

  3. Wow, great stuff! You inspired me to go out and get my own moleskin! In fact I think I’ll do that right now… Love the way you combined pictures of your moleskin with regular text on a post!

    By the way, great posts! I haven’t been keeping up, but very interesting and intriguing!

    • Hey Gabe, thanks for reading! I appreciate your comment and link on your blog, I hope you also find that actually WRITING with pen and paper is a great way to remember why we love doing it.

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