The Bus

I wrote this while Morgan and I were on a trip to California. We decided to forgo renting a car, and do the whole trip via train, bus, and public transportation. It was cheaper, fun, and tough. There was no personal space, schedule, or pace. We also made some new friends, and had more time to read and write. This was something that I wrote on that trip.


Life without a car is a pain

It does not conform to my schedule

I must conform to it

The Bus is a great teacher


The Bus is not a friend of those that sleep in

Be awake and about your work

For the Bus will not wait


Be ready with a book

Thoughts to contemplate

A heart open to conversation

Because the Bus will not wait for you

But you will wait for the Bus


Know where you want to go

And feel sure of it

There is no option of

“Never mind, I don’t want to be here”

Because once you step to the street

You are there

Of course

You could always practice patience again

I learn a lot more on the Bus

Than I do in my car

To be on time, practice patience, and have a plan

But most of all, open to people on the Bus

Instead of shut inside myself, inside my car

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