Chicago: A City in Review

My wife and I were in Chicago for the past 3 days, and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. We had great food, walked everywhere, took in the culture, saw the Bean, visited the Zoo & Field Museum, and hit up the nightlife. Great times had by all! I wanted to share some of the pictures and highlights from the trip, if you’ll indulge me…

Best Sight 

We loved Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean, so big and shiny! It was smack-dab in the middle of the city, near the water, and Grant Park surrounding it.

Best Food

Deep-dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s, and Breakfast at Yolk. This was less of a culinary journeythan some of our other trips, but these 2 places did not disappoint. We had the Veggie Lou pizza, then massive omelets, eggs benedict, and pancakes at Yolk. Fantastic.

Best Attraction 

Lincoln Park Zoo. I couldn’t believe it’s free, since LPZ is the best zoo I’ve been to period! Very well done, clean, and friendly staff. They had gorillas, lions, bears, polar bears, llamas, camels, and much more. Did I mention it was free?!

Most Frustrating Experience

My bike was stolen within 2 hours of our arrival. We had read that Chicago was a bike-friendly city, so we brought our bikes along for the trip. The first place we locked them up, poof, they were gone, cable lock snipped in half. The Police at Navy Pier did a great job recovering Morgan’s bike, but the thief got away with mine. To their credit, the CPD were very helpful and friendly, but I’ve likely seen the last of my bike.

Best Statue

Bob Newheart and his uncomfortable couch. Which he fake-interviewed me on. I always love these.

Best Place to Stop and Smell the Flowers

Chicago Conservatory, a giant greenhouse next to the Zoo. A really cool place to relax and see an entire ecosystem of plants, including the life-giving coffee bean tree! The picture above is the Crib of Venus Orchid, truly stunning.

Best View of the City

Is from the apex of the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel. Go ride it at sunset, like we did. An incredible view of the city skyline.

Best Way to Feel Like a Kid Again

Ride the ferris wheel and the spinning chains of dizziness (I did not ride the chains of dizziness, Morgan did). Morgan did both of these and claims this “Best of”.

Best Random Sight

A giant statue of Marilyn Monroe in her classic Seven Year Itch “mishap”. Didn’t expect to see that going down Michigan Ave.

Best Picture I Don’t have a Category for

Sunset going through the trees at Grant Park, looking towards the skyline. Love it.

In Conclusion

We will definitely going back to Chicago, with better bike locks this time! It was a fun, vibrant city, with plenty going on, good food, active people, and efficient public transportation. Maybe back for the Chicago Marathon in 2013? Count us in.

Who else has been to Chi-Town? Anything we missed out on? What were your favorite experiences?


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