Michael Hyatt’s New Book Platform, and Why You Should Buy It Today

Happy Friday Everyone! 

Normally, I wouldn’t be pumping up a book like this, dedicating an entire post to it, but I’m just blown away by the quality of the offer and want to share it with you! I talk a lot about how we make choices, set priorities, and doing the work that matters to you, and here is a resource which can help you in the mission!

Michael Hyatt, author, speaker, podcaster, and blogger, has released his new book this week, titled Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World (affiliate link). I just bought the book myself, and am very excited to dive in. The premise is all of us need a Platform to be noticed, regardless of our calling. This is especially true for creative people, who regardless of their talent, need to have a way to get the word out on their art!

You can read more at my new site, MattRagland.com

Or, go directly to Michael Hyatt’s site and read about why he wrote Platform, and get the lowdown on 7 Free Resources worth $375.98!


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