50k for Haiti

Morgan and I are running a 50k trail race to raise funds and further awareness about the devastation in Haiti and the good work of our friends at Lespwa Worldwide. Check it out



A Numbers Game

1,859,728 blogs with 58,424 new posts today

That was the headline of Word Press as I logged on today. How to differentiate yourself and your blog in a sea of people trying to do the same thing? Answers hopefully will follow, a blogger with 0 combined comments isn’t the best place to start though ūüôā

Try Seth Godin or Tom Peter’s blog for more ideas while I research it on my own

Blogging to… nobody

Chances are that no one currently reads my blog. So why? 2 reasons for me.

  1.  I Love to Write: Whether life, business, relationships, the outdoors, I enjoy bleeding out my thoughts
  2. It’s Good Practice: For the day I have a successful blog, for retaining thoughts I felt good enough to share, and for communication

Why Do You Blog?

Resume Writing

I just finished editing my resume. I have never written a resume quite like this one before, it’s more a collection of 1 paragraph stories on what each job meant to me. This is probably because I’m currently reading my way through Tom Peters 100 Ways to Be Successful ¬†(which is fantastic). Tom is convinced that the future belongs to the story-tellers, and since I like a good story more than a good calc formula, I agree. Anyway, the resume is for a job that I don’t particularly need, but am intrigued by. I figure, why not tell the truth, speak about what you learned intrinsically at all these job stops. There’s a solid chance that he will think I’m a nut and throw my resume into his pile of candidates that didn’t pan out. But I have the advantage of already being employed and content at my current post, which is what allows me to be honest about what I write.¬†¬†My thinking though is that I should write the rest of my resumes like this until I die. Tell your story, your experience, and see what shakes out. Now you don’t have to write a novel to your potential boss, but deviate from the status quo a bit, it’s fun. Do so especially if it feels good to do so. Chances are, that the guy who eventually hires you and your honest, experimental resume will be a quality boss to work for, and that the job won’t be too bad either.¬†If you’re interested, check out my resume below.¬†Ragland¬†Resume¬†

The Fear

We’re too often afraid of failure, especially when we want to try something new. How many potential hobbies have we pushed to the side because we didn’t think we would be any good at it? Or how many presentations/ideas have been kept secret in our minds because we didn’t want to be rejected? 2 thoughts on this…

  1. ¬†Your idea may be the one that changes the company, makes a new product go, or is just plain necessary. Now, you might need help with your presentation and ability to champion the idea, but that’s another process that Seth Godin can help you with
  2. If you don’t share your ideas, they will die, and beyond that, if you don’t share them, it makes each idea thereafter even harder to champion.

So go share, tell people your ideas, learn how to champion them. I guarantee you will fail at least once, and probably many times. But, you will succeed too, and you will have taken that essential risk that makes life fun.

“The Greatest Risk is to not Take One”