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7 Lessons from My Adventure in Self-Hosted Blogging

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Committing to Value in Your Writing

I got an email yesterday from a friend that follows this blog. He was kind, saying he was enjoying my writing, and that I was writing too fast to keep up! I thought about that, because I had not considered the possibility that I was writing too much. I saw that he had included the email feed that is delivered whenever I “Publish”, and it gave me a new appreciation for the trust people have put in me to write about content that enriches and provides value in their own lives.

Since I have been writing more, part of me has wanted to post a lot, and put more content out in order to get my name and writing “out there”. But when I think about the 14 people who currently receive an email containing my posts, I take a step back. Am I providing them with something worth reading? On one hand, I can’t get caught up with trying to write to their wishes, I have to write what is speaking to me and the things I’m passionate about. On the other hand, I can’t get post-happy and decide that I’m going to post random, meaningless drivel that doesn’t add value to my life or theirs. I found this article on ProBlogger very helpful as well (How to Write Great Blog Content).

To me, this writing is not a status update, tweet, or text. It cannot be “I had some great BBQ today!” It is something of value and importance to me, and while I plan on posting regularly, I also intend for each post to be something that challenges the readers and add value to their lives.

I hope you will do the same in your contributions to the community. Have a great day!

Grow Your Audience: Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed

Every day I go to the homepage, and think, “How did these blogs get to be featured?”

A simple google search turned up this result straight from WordPress itself. Hope you can start to apply the lessons given, and become freshly pressed yourself. Happy writing!

Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed.